I have inherited the barrel making craft from my grandfather and my father. In my work I strive to focus on quality. My principle is fewer products but competitive on the domestic and international market. In recent years, the interest in us has increased steadily. We have gone deep into this craft and we continue to move forward unwavering.

Barrel workshop “Zahariev-N“ EOOD is located in the village of Vrachesh, located 3km away from Botevgrad. It is near the Sofia-Varna highway.
The current state and production of the workshop is the result of nearly 80-year-old family tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. As a result of social and economic changes in the country and the new legislative regulation in 1990, there is a company registered with the activity of production and distribution of barrel products.
Zahariev-N is a member of the Craftsman's Chamber in Bulgaria and since 1998 has been participating with its production on "Winery" - Plovdiv.

The good manufacturing conditions and the maintaining of high European quality of the products ensures the distribution of our products in the country and abroad. The systematic build of authority of the company has helped with the continuous increase of exports to Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, France, as well as to the wine producers in the country. In recent years, we have a tremendous interest and strong export to Japanese companies, one of which is the largest whiskey distilleries – Nikka distillery. The tradition of participating in international exhibitions has been established in recent years.